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独家丨GO Markets UK/INFINOX Capital是家怎样的外汇公司?CEO亲自出面澄清

2016-07-17 22:09:17


GO Markets UK与更名后的Infinox Capital和GO Markets AU三者之间到底什么关系?他们之间在商业合作上又是怎样的一种情况呢?这大概是很多从业者和媒体想要搞清楚的问题,包括汇商自己对他们之间的关系也非常迷糊。尽管此前针对这个问题,对GO Markets AU的董事Soyeb Rangwala做了采访,他对三者之间关系予以了阐述与说明,但汇商在综合其他媒体报道后发现,文中还是存在一定纰漏和混淆。解铃还须系铃人。对此汇商特意联系了Infinox Capital的创始人兼首席执行官Robert Berkeley,请他详细谈了一下GO Markets UK、INFINOX Capital、GO Markets AU,甚至与VangtageFX之间的关系。


此外,我们也对Robert本人进行了了解。Robert起初担任国际商业咨询公司安信达会计事务所的注册会计师,并在零售、建设、金融服务领域的高级管理上获得了事业成功。Robert同时兼任伦敦股票交易所上市公司——全亚资产资本有限公司All Asia Asset Capital Limited的执行主席,公司主要致力于在东南亚地区投资重要基础设施项目。

Robert一直想要创建一家以信任及诚信为本的外汇公司,2009年他如愿以偿,并将公司总部设立在伦敦,并获得英国金融市场行为监管局(FCA)监管,监管授权代码为501057。刚开始公司与Vantage FX Pty Limited建立了合作关系,英国业务能在欧洲地区使用VantageFX的品牌。2014年,与GO Markets Pty Limited(GO Markets AU)建立了战略同盟。

自2016年7月18日,GO Markets UK将会把品牌更名为INFINOX,因其不再使用GO Markets注册商标及品牌名称。据悉,Robert拥有的新品牌“INFIONX”将拉开全新的交易品牌序幕,它将继续向客户提供重要交易解决方案、教育培训和客户服务。


在GO Markets UK遭遇非法克隆一事上,包括很多国内外行业媒体将FCA克隆公告弄混,FinanceMagnates还对此做了澄清报道。FCA公告中的授权合法公司系Go Markets UK Trading Limited,监管授权号为:501057,这家遭遇不法克隆的正规外汇公司正是将于7月18日更名为“INFINOX Capital”的公司,它就是公告中的受害者,而非其他媒体中阐述的那样,是一家克隆公司。对此,Robert也在采访中也予以澄清解释。


Robert Berkeley在给汇商传媒的信件中表示,“过去七年我们建立了一家以信任与诚信为本的外汇经纪公司,而且作为受FCA监管的公司,我们对我们的所取得的巨大成绩感到非常骄傲。现在我们踏上了全新的令人激动的未来旅程,打造国际品牌INFINOX。这将有助于我们扩展经验、发展才能,继续为外汇业提供市场领先的技术和专业人才。”

以下是汇商传媒对Robert Berkeley信件采访内容,以供从业者及投资者阅读(为保证信件的真实性,我们以中英文形式发布):

1.我们从FCA官网查询发现,Infinox Capital Limited从2009年起使用了多个Trading Names,其中有中国投资者比较熟悉的VantageFX和GO Markets,Infinox与这些品牌的关系是什么?为什么要采取这种合作方式?

As is shown in FCA’s website, Infinox Capital Limited has been using several Trading Names, among them are VantageFX and GO Markets, which are very familiar to Chinese investors. What kind of relationship between Infinox and these brands? Why coorperate in this way?

Thank you for showing an interest in INFINOX CAPITAL Ltd. You are right in saying that our company can be seen on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website. I established the business in 2009 and have built a Forex broker based on trust and integrity, being proud of our achievements as an FCA regulated business. As a start-up in 2009, we licensed brands instead of immediately investing in our own brand, and cooperated with several companies on a systems level. We did this by forming strategic partnerships with the companies you correctly mention.

Our next stage as INFINOX, will see an even closer personal relationship with our customers. This can best be achieved by taking sole control of our brand and systems.

谢谢中国投资者对INFINOX CAPITAL Ltd的关注。不错,FCA网站上显示的多个品牌名都是真的。我在2009年成立了自己的公司,作为一家FCA监管的外汇经纪商,我们秉持着诚实守信的原则,也很自豪所取得的成就。作为2009年新成立的公司,我们选择以其它监管品牌起步,而非立即投入建设自己的品牌,因此与几家公司进行了系统层面的合作,包括上面你们所提到的两个品牌。


2.现在中国投资者经常会把GO Markets AU和GO Markets UK搞混,甚至不知道他们之间的关系,您能详细解释一下两者之间的关系吗?

It’s always a confusion for Chinese investors regarding GO Markets AU and GO Markets UK. What’s the relationship between these two companies? Can you be more specific?

We have always been independent businesses. The two companies previously had an alliance to promote the GO Markets brand and offer support to clients 24/5 globally. Back then, it made sense to build my company through partnerships. Moving forward, our brand building efforts will focus on serving the latest technologies and products to our customers using our INFINOX brand.

我们一直都是一家独立的公司。GO Markets UK和GO Markets AU在过去有过合作,以共同推广GO Markets品牌,并为全球投资者提供一周5天、一天24小时的服务。当时,通过这样的合作来建立我自己的公司更有效。今后,我们将集中以INFINOX的品牌为客户最新的技术和产品。

3.GO Markets AU称GO Markets UK是其白标合作伙伴,并提供流动性,是这样吗?

GO Markets AU claims that GO Markets UK is a white-lable partner, and they’re responsible for providing liquidity, is this true?

In the past we have licensed brands and cooperated with several partners on a systems level, including liquidity. We did this by forming strategic partnerships with the companies such as the one you correctly mention. The technologies and products we now offer require direct access to Tier 1 liquidity, so as of today, we are connected directly with our own MT4 based systems and liquidity.


4.在过去数年,不管使用VantageFX还是GO Markets的品牌名,在英国本土的运营情况如何?运营团队规模多大?

Regardless of trading names as VantageFX or GO Markets, how is your business operation in Britain for the past few years? How big is the team?

The company has built an enviable reputation in the marketplace since its incorporation in 2009, delivering the ultimate trading experience for MT4 traders globally. We are based in the heart of the City of London operating a full FCA STP licence. The success of the business has been based on our philosophy of delivering a premium customer service. As part of this we provide dedicated account managers for all our clients and strive to be a partner of choice.

Over the past 2 years, the business has grown significantly. Revenues have increased by 400% along with traded volume at 2000%. We now have a client base covering over 75 countries worldwide. The size of our business is now well placed to operate under our own brand globally. You should expect to see an expanded customer facing team and new products developed in close conjunction with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and I look forward to personally making announcements to you about such developments.




5.此前FCA发布GO Markets UK遭遇克隆的公告,请问这家克隆公司的情况是怎样的?

A few days ago, FCA issued a warning against a clone company of GO Markets UK. What kind of company is the clone one?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) had informed us about this. Individuals can sometimes claim to be a company with no permission to do so – a cloned company. In this case, apparently a group of individuals pretended to be GO Markets UK. We have no association with them.

The FCA are a central part of ensuring that market participants in the industry are protected from fraudulent and unfair practices. Therefore, we are grateful to the FCA for acting on our behalf regarding these individuals that pretended to be GO Markets UK.

I have built this business based on trust and integrity, and on the FCA principle of ‘treating customer fairly’. It is important that we protect our clients from fraudulent activity and provide security for client funds. This is important to me and to illustrate this point, I am currently working with KPMG as part of the Alpari administration. I am confident that INFINOX will deliver for clients the security and integrity they deserve.

FCA已经就此事通知了我们。有很多人都在没有授权的情况下宣称自己是一家公司,当然,这是克隆的。很明显,这次有一些人假装是GO Markets UK。而我们和他们没有任何关联。

FCA是确保外汇市场参与者免受诈骗和不公正的中坚力量。因此,我们非常感激FCA代表公司对这些假装GO Markets UK的人发出警告。



What is the purpose of building a new brand Infinox Capital? Can you share more information about InfinoxCapital?

From the 18 July 2016 GO Markets UK will be rebranding to INFINOX. The company has built an enviable reputation in the marketplace since its incorporation in 2009 and this new brand will be the start of an exciting future creating a unique global FX organization, which capitalises on our years of experience, market reputation and technology advancements.

Personalising and empowering our clients trading is at the heart of what we do. This new brand will allow us to differentiate our business in the marketplace and deliver our one-to-one personalised approach to clients and IBs globally. We aim to be the broker and business partner of choice for FX by delivering innovative new products and the ultimate trading experience to our clients.
The INFINOX brand encapsulates the essence of our business philosophy: Dynamic products, engaging trading environments, premium customer service and cutting edge technology.

从2016年7月18日开始,GO Markets UK将更名为INFINOX。公司已经在行业获得了很高的声誉,而这个新品牌意味着我们将运用丰富的行业经验、良好的声誉和先进的技术,开创一家独特的全球外汇机构的未来。




Is InfinoxCapital ready to enter Chinese market?

We believe that China is a very important area for us. We will build our business based on our name -英诺 – English promise, and provide Chinese clients with all the tools and 24/5 client support they need to trade on the MT4 platform. We aim to deliver the ultimate trading environment, fast execution and low spreads to our clients.

We have implemented instant client verification for our Chinese clients in a manner that is compliant with our FCA legal and regulatory obligations. This enables the majority of our clients to apply for and fund an account instantly using our new client area, based on our online client verification systems. Our clients often use smartphones, especially in China, and we of course support all touch points that our clients choose to use.

All our Chinese clients will be under our FCA licence and have the peace of mind that all deposits are held in Barclays Bank Segregated Client Trust Accounts and that their funds are insured up to 50,000 GBP by the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).